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Recycling Plastic at ISD

You are all invited to bring your plastic trash to be recycled here at ISD!

Last year students collaborated with the the Garden Project and the Green Team and raised money to build a recycling bin for our abundance of plastic trash. Proplast a local business processes the plastic into practical items, for example buckets and furniture. This is a step in the right direction to teach children about this global issue.

This year we continue to work on ways we can reduce the use of plastic on campus and emphasis the importance to reuse or plastics. For example the garden project collects containers to plant tree seedlings and our recycling ASA activity is working making practical items out of plastic materials that would otherwise go into the trash. 

Something to think about is that we live in a country that does not have any real recycling facilities so it is important to be mindful about this. Try to be a conscious consumer by choosing items that can either be recycled or are not packaged or put in plastic at all. This practice is now essential for finding solutions to deal with our overwhelming amount of plastic trash. 

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