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PYP & MYP Double Date Night!

Bring your date, or come on your own, to enjoy an evening of thoughtful discussion about the Primary Years Program and the Middle Years Program … combined with a chance to mix and mingle with other awesome ISD parents across the PYP & MYP!

You need a night out and excellent child care is available! We will be charging 5000 CFA per family as this is also an important fundraising event for the Secondary School Theater Troupe.

The coordination of the PYP and MYP presentations on the same night will allow parents to not only attend both sessions but will also allow parents across the school to socialize together!

Friday November 2nd

5:15pm: Elementary parents drop off children in the Admin Conference Room 5:30pm: PYP Session in the PAC 6pm: Secondary parents drop off kids at the Admin Conference Room 6:15pm: All parents Meet & Mingle with snacks & drinks 7pm: MYP session in the PAC 8pm: Collect children from the Admin Conference Room

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