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PYP: Kindness Matters

January 27, 2017-- This week, the PTO will be hearing from teacher Brad Chumrau as he shares a bit about the Primary Years Program.  Recently, ISD finalized the school-wide strategic plan which tasked the elementary school to learn about the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.  A teacher committee was formed and they went right to work learning about the benefits and challenges of offering the program.  The committee recommended a feasibility study be conducted.  Brad and a great team of elementary teachers are now charged with helping our community learn about the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.  Our first introduction to parents will be Wednesday morning and we are hopeful that many of you will attend so that you can become familiar with the PYP and what it could potentially mean for our community.  Everyone is welcome! We have coffee!

Hooray for Kindness Week - January 23-27

Thanks to all of you who joined us in joining over 8,022 schools and 10 million children around the world for the global initiative called The Great Kindness Challenge.  Thank you to Ms. Pam for making this an essential part of what we do at ISD.  Thank you all for discussing and promoting  kindness at home and everywhere you go!

Words of recognition…

Doesn’t it feel great when someone gives you a compliment?  Doesn't it feel great to GIVE a compliment? Isn’t it nice when a friend recognizes you for the good person you are each and every day?  Today, students took a moment to let their friends know how much they appreciate one another.  One ISD core value is Open Mindedness and Ms Kelly was curious to know if the students at ISD knew what it meant to be Open Minded.  So, last week, in casual conversations around the playground, Ms. Kelly asked students what they knew.  She asked students if they knew anyone in their class who was Open Minded.  The students were happy to tell her about the wonderful classmates who exemplified Open Mindedness on a regular basis.  Their comments were authentic and sincere.  It is our hope that students will continue to give one another compliments and encouragement when they see one another being open minded.  The students themselves seem to really value being listened to, they care about having an opportunity to express their ideas while knowing there is a friendly face hearing their words and considering their perspective.

Thank you to Ms. Pam, Mr. Brad, and Mr. Kofi for making this wonderful celebration possible!

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