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PTO News: Santa Sale Shoppers Needed

The Santa Sale is an event at ISD where students, parents and ISD staff will have the opportunity to purchase festive gifts and local souvenirs for family and friends.

This year’s sale will take place on December 5th from 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Items on sale will start from 500 CFA and most will be around 2000 - 5000 CFA to keep it affordable for everyone. The maximum price will be 10,000 CFA. The souvenirs will have a fixed price and kids can experience shopping in a safe environment with no bartering involved.

We need your help! The PTO needs volunteers to shop for the stock at the local markets, we need great negotiators to get the best prices for small souvenirs.

We plan to start shopping this week and next week so if you are available please let me know, we can meet at school and go to the market together in small groups.

Please contact Emma Archer if you are available to help shop:

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