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Provenance Researcher Visits Grade 6

Recently, Ms. Anna's sixth-grade Individuals & Societies class got a visit from ISD parent and Provenance Researcher/Art Consultant Isabel von Klitzing as part of their unit, 'What is history and how does it connect our lives?' Mrs. von Klitzing researches the provenance of works of art in both private and public collections, including cultural goods lost due to Nazi persecution.

The students were fascinated by Mrs. von Klitzing's background and the field of provenance research. Her presentation touched on why provenance research is essential, Nazi looting during the second world war, how she identifies looted works of art and more. Many hands were raised to ask about how Mrs. von Klitzing resolves cases and the eventual return of stolen items. One student said, "... she told us about art that should have been returned but was stolen and the process of first finding the stolen art and then returning it to the owner, and that was exciting to me."

We are so grateful to Mrs. von Klitzing for spending time with our students and giving them insight into such a fascinating field. Presentations like this will help the students as they continue with this unit of study and eventually create their own 'Museums of Me.'

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