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Physics in Action: The Camera Obscura Expirment

This Wednesday, ISD's 10th grade physics class got to see some physics in action in Mr. Brown's class.

With cardboard boxes over their heads, the class was led by Mr. Brown to the basketball courts. Once they got there, Mr. Brown instructed them to use the camera obscura they had built into the box to see beyond the cardboard confines!

"The box activity is a large scale version of a camera obscura (also known as a pinhole camera.).. only instead of putting camera film inside, by placing your head inside the box you create your own pinhole "theater".

"Inside the box, just above each student's head, was a white piece of paper.  In the back of the box they cut a tiny square opening and then taped a smooth piece of tin foil over that opening. I then walked over to each box and made tiny holes in them.

The premise is that light = information.  

"If you regulate the amount of light that can enter the box (by making a tiny needle hole on a piece of tin foil) you are able to see light reflected off your surroundings in a controlled way.   

"The image you see on the piece of paper is upsidedown and reversed, just as it is on the retinas in your eyes. And our eye pupils open and close to regulate the light."

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