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Nurse's Notes: Zoom Office Hours & Hand Washing Tips

Hello Community,

Here is some of the latest information on COVID-19 concerns:

Wiping down groceries and take out food is probably not necessary

Experts, including the US Food and Drug Administration and New England Journal of Medicine, say in all likelihood it is not necessary to wipe down groceries and take out foods - especially if that extra effort is adding to your daily stress - due to coronavirus concerns as to date there is no evidence of getting the virus that way. See the full article from CNN Health here. However, if you are still worried about this route of transmission, you can remove groceries and foods from the outer bag and dispose of the bag. If possible, wait up to 3 days before using the products, or if you need to use the products before then wash the outside surface of the packaging. For takeout foods, remove the foods from the containers and place into your own dish, and throw away the takeout containers. Wash down the countertop surfaces on which the items were placed, and most importantly, wash your hands. Because even as studies and recommendations continue to evolve, what doesn’t change are the known protective benefits of properly washing your hands!

See advice on social distancing, hand washing, and other preventative measures from Harvard Health Publishing here.

How to wash your hands, for the little ones (and adults too!)

Speaking of washing hands, we can all sing along and let Elmo remind us how to properly wash our hands here. Washing hands for 20 (even 30!) seconds with soap and water, and drying thoroughly, is an effective way to remove viruses and other germs from your hands. Practice with Elmo, or by singing the Happy Birthday Song twice. For support and ideas for young children during this time, visit Elmo and other characters at the Sesame Street COVID-19 support page here.

I will now be providing office hours on Mondays and Thursdays from 11am to 12pm GMT. Please see the Jag Journal for the Zoom link and password.

Cheers to your Health and Stay Safe,

Nurse Jen

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