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Nurse's Notes: Welcome Back!

Welcome all to a great new school year at ISD! I hope everyone had a restful summer. To start off the year, I’d like to offer some general information about our nurse office. This may be a reminder for returning families or new information for those new to our community!

Please be sure we have correct parent or guardian contact information for your child. Whether you are new to Dakar and have just gotten your local phone number, or you have changed it over the summer, don’t forget to inform the school! We may need to get in touch with you quickly, and need the correct information to do so. To update your contact information, please call or email the admissions office.

If your child has had a fever of 37.8’C or 100’F in the last 24 hours, please keep her or him home from school and allow for time to rest and recover. Keep in mind that if you have given paracetamol or ibuprofen to decrease the fever, the temperature may come down but the illness is still there. Your child should be fever – free for 24 hours without the use of medication before returning to school!

Please remind your child to ask to see the nurse if she or he is not feeling well at school, rather than the child calling a parent or driver from her or his cell phone. This way I can do an assessment and contact you if school dismissal is appropriate.

If you are a returning family and have new health information regarding your child, updated medication information, or new vaccines to report, please do let me know! For new families, I invite you to speak with me about health conditions or medications regarding your child that we may need to know about at school. And remember, students should not be carrying medications with them at school. Medications that need to be administered during school hours should be done so under the supervision of the nurse. Please see the ISD nurse page to download a copy of the medication release form, or get one from me in my office.

See section 5.1.1 – 5.1.6 of the online parent-student handbook for more information. The nurse can be contacted by calling the school and choosing menu option 7, or by emailing or

Cheers to your Health!

Nurse Jen

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