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Nurse's Notes: Students Get CPR Certified

Yes to CPR with our students!

During the month of October, Nurse Jen and Ms. Hazel of the PE / Wellness Department collaborated to offer CPR classes to 7th and 9th grade students.  By the end of the year we will have offered the course to the entire 7th and 9th grades, per the American Heart Association's CPR in Schools training program standards. 

This offering was made possible through an ISD Innovation Grant!  The plan is to continue the program each year, and possibly expand to other grades in the future.  This model could eventually train and re-train almost all of our secondary school students!

"Students really enjoyed the opportunity to learn new skills that may help save a life. With the guidance of Nurse Jen and through hands on experience with their resuscitation Annie dolls, our students developed important knowledge on what to do in an emergency, how to perform CPR with and without breathing, as well as how to help someone who is choking."  -Ms. Hazel

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Cheers to Your Health,

Nurse Jen

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