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Nurse's Notes: Safe Summer Activities

Dear ISD Community,

As we finish up the school year and move into summer, I thought I would shift gears and offer some different information in this Nurse’s Note.

I referred to WebMD, which complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information when asking the question, “Given the COVID-19 pandemic, what activities are safe this summer?” I then cross-checked with the National Public Radio article I had just read and the consensus among health experts is that risk is associated with four factors: time, space, people, place.

So to work backward, let’s remember that outdoor (place) activities are generally lower risk than indoor activities, and the coronavirus probably doesn’t like heat, humidity, and the chlorine used to treat outdoor swimming pools. But even when outside, try to limit the number of people around you to a small number such as ten, as the greater the group of people the greater the potential risk - think small picnics or backyard barbecues. Maintaining social distancing guidelines by keeping 2 meters of space between you and other people that are not in your household or family group is always important. This is sometimes referred to as physical distancing. And lastly, the time of potential exposure to the virus increases risk, so being outside walking and moving with your family is generally considered a lower risk activity.

Most importantly, wear a face covering when around others. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus so it is important to keep your nose and mouth covered to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. Clean your hands frequently by hand washing or using hand gel that contains at least 60% alcohol, and make sure your hands are clean when you apply or remove your face covering.

See WebMD’s advice on summer activities here. See NPR’s list of 14 summer activities and what the risk may be here.

This summer will be different, but we’ve worked so hard to get here, we all deserve to find some great ways to enjoy it!

Cheers to your health and stay safe,

Nurse Jen

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