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Nurse's Notes: Parenting During a Pandemic

Hello ISD Community,

I have found two online sources to be very helpful during recent times.

In addition to any current Coronavirus information I might be providing, I will also be sharing weekly tips and videos with you from UNICEF’s Tips for Parenting During the Coronavirus Outbreak, as well as from Sesame Street’s COVID-19 Initiative Caring for Each Other, in my Nurse’s Notes from now until the end of this year’s online learning process.

Special Time During School Closure

School closings combined with the many unknowns can be challenging in many ways, but it is also a chance to cultivate stronger relationships with our children and teenagers. One-on-one time is free and fun. It makes children feel loved and secure and shows them that they are important. If possible, set aside time to spend with each child, even if it’s just 20 minutes each day. To help build confidence, let your child decide what they would like to do. Please see these ideas from UNICEF for making one-on-one time with our children, no matter what age, even more meaningful.

Here’s to Self-Hugs!

While we all know how important it is to wash our hands to stay safe, young children may get tired of being told to do so all the time! Here is a helpful poster featuring Sesame Street character Grover that can be printed and hung up in the bathroom next to the sink as a fun reminder. And when our little ones start to experience big emotions, let Abby Cadabby remind them it’s okay to give yourself a hug to feel better. See Abby’s video here.

Cheers to your Health and Stay Safe,

Nurse Jen

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