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Nurse's Notes: Maintaining Harmony

Hello Community!

We have almost made it to the end of this school year, together but apart. And you have done things you never imagined you could. For a great parenting resource, check out UNICEF’s Tips for Parenting During the Coronavirus Outbreak for information about maintaining family harmony at home and stopping anger in its tracks, as we head into the home stretch for summer!

Maintaining Family Harmony at Home

When we model peaceful and loving relationships, our children feel more secure and loved. How we talk and behave in front of others is a big influence on how our children behave as well! Look here for tips to maintain harmony in the home. Of course, we all get angry at times too. But remember that because the same things often make us angry, by paying attention to our triggers we can often prevent anger from happening. Look here for more tips on taking a break to recognize and temper anger.

Identifying and Expressing Emotions

Spending time at home with our children gives parents a great opportunity to work side by side with kids in identifying and expressing their emotions. See Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street’s COVID-19 Initiative Caring for Each Other express different emotions in her video chat here. Then look at or print out the Feeling Faces page and let your child choose an emotion that he or she may be feeling. You can do it too! Then talk about your emotions together.

Cheers to your Health and Stay Safe,

Nurse Jen

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