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Nurse's Notes: Learning Through Play & Understanding Emotions

Dear ISD Community,

If you had a chance to join the Annual General Meeting last Friday, and view the AGM student presentations online, you were surely reminded of the dynamic and resilient community of students and parents that comprise ISD. Let’s continue to support each other as we look to the future together.

Learning Through Play and Keeping Kids Safe Online

With current school closures and many parents working from home, you can take this opportunity to participate in learning through play with your kids! It can be fun for all and strengthen family bonds. Language, numbers, objects, drama, and music games give children opportunities to explore and express themselves in a safe and fun way. Find out what your children’s favorite songs are and create a dance choreography to one or several of them together. Take time to tell your child a story from your childhood, then ask your child to tell you a story. See more tips here on learning through play, from UNICEF’s Tips for Parenting During the Coronavirus Outbreak. And while children and teens are now spending a lot more time online to participate in online learning and keep connected with friends and peers, this can present some risks and dangers. Don’t forget to set up parental controls on all devices and cover webcams when not in use. Spend time with your child or teen online and create family tech agreements about healthy device use together. Look here for more online safety tips so kids can stay safely connected during COVID-19.

It’s Okay to Have Lots of Emotions

Little kids, big kids, and even grown-ups are experiencing lots of feelings and emotions right now. Helping children express and understand their emotions can help them to overcome the challenges of the present time and communicate with you more effectively. Sesame Street’s Elmo can help little ones sing out their emotions in this video here. Or start by naming and counting some feelings and emotions with Count Dracula here, and then ask your child if he or she remembers feeling any of those emotions recently and talk about them together. For more tips on helping children explore their emotions, visit Sesame Street in Communities here.

Cheers to your Health and Stay Safe,

Nurse Jen

Don't forget about my office hours every Monday and Thursday from 11am to 12pm GMT. Please send me an email for the Zoom link.

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