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Nurse's Notes: Is it time for some new masks?

As I’ve noticed in my own household, some of our reusable cloth masks have gotten old, misshapen, and stretched out.

March has arrived, and it is likely a great time to invest in some new masks. A mask is effective when it fits snugly over the mouth and nose, and attaches comfortably behind the ears or around the head.

Please be reminded that all students should come to school with 3 masks everyday: one that they will wear and two extra in case a mask needs to be changed throughout the course of the day.

Please see CDC guidelines for mask wearing here.

And here again is a list of just some of the resources and locations of where to find masks in Dakar.

On Facebook:

A Vos Masques

Dakar Masks




Khady Couture

Petits Coquin Wax Kids

ZebraDesign Mini

If you receive Club Kossam products for delivery, you can order barrier masks under their Hygiene / Body Care department.

Lulu Cafe in Fenetre Mermoz sells cloth face masks in their boutique.

Cheers to Your Health,

Nurse Jen

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