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Nurse's Notes: How to Contact Us

Kindly take a moment to note the following important information about contacting the ISD Health Clinic:

All information and notifications intended for the ISD Health Clinic medical team, including COVID19-related information, reporting, and testing, as well as student illness reports, general health and medical notifications or queries, and email replies, must be directed to the email address.

Our three person clinical team continues to manage a very high volume of information through email communication. In order to assure that all emails will be received and addressed in a timely manner, it is important for these communications to be sent to our team’s email address as noted above.

For urgent matters, we are also available through our team’s what’s app number, which is 76.740.8050.

Here again are the individual members of the medical team:

Jennifer Thermenos

James Corbin

Raquel Gonzalez

We appreciate your help in streamlining our important communications!

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