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Nurse's Notes: Heart-Healthy Recipes

February 17, 2017-- In honor of St. Valentine's Day, here are some HEART-healthy recipes for kids and adults!

What makes a recipe heart healthy? Look for ingredients that are good for your heart: like the olive oil, nuts, and even chocolate in these recipes. Heart-healthy foods also are low in saturated fat and salt. So get cooking and then get eating!  Click on the links below to open the recipes, and enjoy.

Oatmeal doesn't have to be served in a bowl. Make your own whole-grain Blueberry Oatmeal Squares, studded with good-for-you blueberries.  You can substitute with other berries or raisins if you don't have blueberries! Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad will fill your plate with color and flavor. Season it hot or mild, depending on how you like it.

Fish contains healthy, unsaturated fats, but Olive-Crusted Salmon packs a double punch when it comes to nutrition. The olives are heart-healthy, too.

This easy soup starts out with canned chicken stock and finishes rich in vegetables and taste.  Mediterranean Pasta Soup is a bowl full of yum!

For dessertChocolate Sweetheart Parfaits. This creamy treat mixes yogurt, cocoa, and berries, then adds just a few chocolate shavings on top.

For more information on heart health, visit: KIDS HEALTH  

Cheers to Your Health,

Nurse Jen

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