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Nurse's Notes: Hand Washing

Dear ISD Community,

I'd like to share with you a note on hand washing as a simple yet extremely effective means of preventing the spread of infection.

Even before you reach for hand sanitizer, you can help protect yourself, your family, and others by washing your hands with soap and water, and drying thoroughly.  Hand sanitizer is great when you cannot get to a sink to wash your hands, but hand washing is preferred when you can.  And as we are finding that hand sanitizer may be harder to find in grocery stores and pharmacies these days, it's even more important to remember the great benefit and simple act of hand washing.

This is a great article which reinforces the importance of hand washing in regards to protection against coronaviruses, like the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Please also note that on the ISD campus we have several new hand washing stations.  Two stations are located at the elementary school lunch area, and another station is located behind the early education lunch area near the Integration classroom.  After next week's Spring break, we will have another station up and running outside the changing rooms near Shady Shack.

Cheers to your health,

Nurse Jen

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