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Notes From the Teranga Centre 2020-21

We are back! - Socially Connected, Physically Distanced.

It was wonderful to welcome some of our Secondary students back onto campus on Thursday and Friday. This week our process will continue so that by Friday, September 11th all of our Secondary students will have been reintroduced to campus and introduced to our safety protocols ready to fully enter into our hybrid model for learning.

Of course, classes have started and will continue online in earnest this week while we continue to get year groups safely onto campus. We have been fully intentional in taking our time to be slow and clear in the requirements for a safe campus and a positive learning environment. We thank you all for your ongoing patience and as ever welcome your questions.

So far we have been wonderfully impressed by the attitude and attention shown by our students, your children, arriving for the start of a new academic year in such different circumstances. The pictures below are a wonderful advertisement for students in Grade levels who have not yet had the safety orientation session.

Grade 12, our Class of 2021 were the first to enjoy a return to campus, closely followed by our youngest secondary school students, Grade 6. Friday saw Grade 11 follow in the same footsteps. The photographs below point to so many positive aspects for which we are truly thankful; attention, engagement, reconnection and above all our wonderful green and open campus welcoming students on to campus in numbers not seen since the arrival of COVID-19. Long may the social connections on campus continue as we strive through all of our collective efforts to keep the campus safe and welcoming for all.

Next week we will focus on some of the Faculty new to ISD. Watch this space!

Mr. Paul Lennon

Assistant Principal & IB Diploma Coordinator

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