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Notes from the Teranga Center: WWW Photo Competition

As we approach the end of February it is wonderful to report a quiet school this week from the Teranga Centre. Grades 6-10 are off on our ISD WWW service Learning trips to all corners of our wonderful host nation. As a new initiative this year with the expert input of Mr. Keith Bailey, supported by Hazel Ward and Andrew Cartlidge, we are launching the 1st Annual WWW Photography Competition. The different categories are listed in the image below. Prize winners will have the honor of having their work printed, framed and displayed around the school.

Our Grade 12 students have remained on campus doing the mock examinations in preparation of their final Diploma Program exams in May and have worked with focus and professionalism. We wish them well in the coming weeks as they work towards completion of all internal assessment requirements before the externally assessed examinations.

We look forward to sharing some of the wonderful photos in the next edition of the Jag Journal.

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