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Notes from the Teranga Center: When the Arts Show Took Center Stage

As we enter the 7th week of online learning we decided to take a look back to the wonderful Arts Showcase which took place at the Radisson Hotel on the evening of March 12th. It was a wonderful event in a beautiful venue, kindly arranged by Ms. Sow. For those DP Year 2 students who participated, it was an incredible learning experience and a celebration of the learning that had occurred in the arts over their entire time at ISD. As a tribute to our DP2 Visual Artists and Theatre students, our ISD DP2 Film students made an excellent clip which we have shared here with you to mark the occasion.

Theatre & Visual Arts Exhibition Documentary

It is a testament to the arts at ISD that we are able to bring to life such a wonderful event annually and at this time, when we are all physically distanced, the connections and messages shared that evening resonate even more. We hope you enjoy this five-minute journey back to a fantastic event and look forward to when we can all share similar celebratory evenings together in the future.

For now, as we look towards the end of the year, our celebrations will inevitably be online versions. As you know, from our words here last week and other recent content on our website as well as across social media, we continue to focus on those exciting end of year events. As we look forward it is also always good to enjoy simple pleasures and stay in the moment. A thoughtful quote this week is shared in the image here and perhaps gives us the confidence to continue to do what we can and accept where we are.

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