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Notes from the Teranga Center: Week Without Walls

A few highlights from Week Without Walls. More photos coming soon!

In the MYP and DP, service is at the core of education. One way in which the Secondary School puts service at the forefront is by our Week Without Walls trips. Last week the 6th - 11th grades traveled all across Senegal to participate in service trips.

Our 6th Grade students went to Lompul where they helped to plant gardens. Even though this trip was cut short due to the severe Harmattan the group made a difference and was an example of how to be flexible when adjusting plans and make the most out of what was possible.

The 7th Grade learned about the ecosystem of the mangroves and oyster farming. They also partnered with a local school to learn alongside them.

The 8th Grade traveled to St. Louis where they helped build a sea wall and work at a local middle school. Click here to read a student article about their trip!

9th grade traveled to Joal and learned about the way of life in a vibrant Senegalese fishing community. In addition, there was an element of adventure as the camped on seashell island traveling to and from the island by Pirogue.

10th grade journeyed to the village of Ndem where they participated in service through cooking, working at the school, gardening, and helping the village in daily duties.

Finally, our 11th Grade students went to Simone where they taught local students English, painted interiors of the school, and helped with other required and essential maintenance work.

Our students experienced all sorts of different living conditions and were exposed to the ways of life that are normal for many members of our host nation outside of Dakar. The mutually beneficial learning experiences provide a real authentic context of international-mindedness and global citizenship. We thank them and their teachers for a challenging, creative week which involved giving ourselves in the service of others. Watch this space for winning entries in our first annual WWW photograph. Judging will take place during the week before spring break, stay tuned!

Last and not least our Grade 12 DP students were engaged here in Dakar throughout the week with their DP mock exams. The students were engaged and studious in these important academic rehearsals for the final exams in May. Feedback on the exams as well as study suggestions for the upcoming spring break will be shared with students and when necessary, with parents. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the Teranga Centre if you have questions or concerns.

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