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Notes from the Teranga Center: Staying Positive

It is amazing that another week of ISD online learning has passed and we are less than two weeks from graduation for our seniors and 3 weeks from the end of the academic year. Although it has certainly felt, over the last couple of weeks, that Zoom fatigue came home to roost for students and parents as well as teachers, and motivation levels dropped a little as a result, the end is certainly in sight. We will all take a well deserved, much needed holiday to recharge, relax, and enjoy less screen time.

Although screen time has been, inevitably, higher for us all during the global pandemic, many positives continue to be experienced on a global scale. We have heard about the improved Air Quality Index (AQI) in major cities across the world including Dakar. We see evidence of flora and fauna literally breathing a collective sigh of relief. This week White Storks nested and hatched young in the UK for the first time in over 100 years.

In the same positive vein, the ISD PTO put together a wonderful song and photomontage to thank all members of the ISD community for everything we do. Many of you may have already viewed it. However, we would love to share it with you here too in return showing our appreciation for all of the parents in our community, you are doing a wonderful job working with us, and your children to make this experience as positive as possible.

PTO 'Imagine' Thank You Video

We have also included two articles today discussing the concept of Zoom fatigue and also some strategies for combating this emerging issue regarding online work and school. The information comes from National Geographic and the Harvard Business Review.

Zoom Fatigue - What is it?

Strategies to Combat Zoom Fatigue

We are into week 8 of online learning and have begun to see that the collective actions which have taken place across the globe are beginning to have an effect. Countries are slowly opening up and getting ready for the next stages of living with COVID-19. We can begin to envisage being back on campus together again and enjoying face to face social connection, physically distanced of course. In the meantime we will keep going. A famous quote from William Shakespeare provides some wisdom this week.

In agreement with recognizing the temporary nature of things and the importance of care, we hope to see you soon and look forward to the coming vacation. Stay safe!

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