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Notes from the Teranga Center: Semester 1 Honor Roll

Congratulations to all students who attained Honor Roll status in semester one! This week saw these students receive their certificates at a morning breakfast celebration. A great way to end the week. The Grade 12 students have now completed their mock exams and have already received many of their results. These results will formally be communicated to parents next week ahead of the Parent Student Teacher Conferences on Thursday, March 10th, and Friday, March 11th.

Grade 12 students are now on the final approach to the DP exams so we hope to see parents next week to discuss support for them during this important period. Grade 11 students meanwhile have completed the bulk of their Extended Essay research and will now begin to actually write their essays. They should be making appointments with their supervisors in the next week to receive guidance. Lastly, the Grade 10 students are now finalizing their DP choices for next year.

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