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Notes from the Teranga Center: Preparing for Exams

As ever, times are busy and continue to evolve here at ISD. At the time of writing students are completing their third trial ISA test. We will have a gap of one week and then students in Grades 6 through 9 will complete the official ISA testing in mathematical literacy, scientific literacy and reading literacy. As we have mentioned before we believe the ISA is a more comprehensive external assessment which aligns well with a three program IB World School. For those who are interested there is more information linked here.

Students in Grade 12 are busy preparing for their mock exams. These will take place from February 22nd to 26th. These are excellent final year assessments to help students know and understand where they are, provide feedback for improving in areas where there may be gaps and are also a preparation for the external protocols that are placed on the final IBO examinations in May. The IBO is currently analyzing data from IBO schools all around the world regarding the ability to host face to face examinations. At this point we know they did run official IBO examinations in November for a number of Southern hemisphere schools, despite canceling exams last May.

We await to hear officially the results of their survey and at this point are working hard with our students to complete their work on internal assessments (IA), e-coursework uploads, and exam preparation. We continue to support our students to be as prepared as possible for all eventualities and are confident, based upon the work we did for last years’ senior class, that our current seniors are being very well prepared. IBO will be expected to make another official announcement in the coming weeks and we will communicate it out as soon as we receive it.

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