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Notes from the Teranga Center: Our Seniors' Last Day of Class

On April 22nd our Grade 12 students had their last day of classes. It was a day of mixed emotions. Teachers arrived at school to find they were well and truly pranked; classroom furniture had migrated to the balconies, the Teranga Centre furniture had been moved to the amphitheater stage and arranged in the shape of 2022, Ms. Gifford’s office was covered in pictures of Boris Johnson and Margaret Thatcher and Mr. Bird’s office was a work of art with everything covered in tin foil. It was creative, mischievous, and very funny.

It was a day of goodbyes and good lucks and at 15.25 the whole Secondary School gathered on the balconies to clap and wave them off. But not before they enjoyed a karaoke party in the PAC organized by Mr. Taylor. Exams have now begun and wish all of the seniors the very best of luck. We are confident their hard work will pay off. Of course, Senior Week will take place after exams and we will have our main celebration of our seniors at Graduation. Go Class of 2022!

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