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Notes from the Teranga Center: Online Learning Tips

Welcome to the 4th week of online learning.  As students have settled into this new way of learning, we wanted to give a few quick tips that can help your child as they work from home:

  • Be sure they have a quiet place to work.

  • Students will get their assignments each day off of google classroom (according to the day that class posts their lessons) , but then writing them in an agenda, or a whiteboard can help with daily and weekly organization.  Here is when each class meets:

  • Make a master calendar of when teachers are available for office hours.  Communicating with teachers is going to be key for students.  The teachers are here to help.  Here is that schedule.  The blocks can be found on Managebac.

  • Have students check their email at least once a day as teachers will communicate via email.

As you run into challenges along the way, please let the teachers and Mr. Lennon, Ms. Jen, and Mr. Keith know what we can do to support both you and your children with online learning.

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