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Notes from the Teranga Center: MYP & DP Updates

This week the Grade 10 students and teachers have been really diving into the Personal Project process, spearheaded by Ms. JulieAnne and Mr. Carayol. This is a demanding but fun element of the MYP and we expect that the students will learn valuable skills as they work through it. The Grade 11 students are settling into the Diploma Programme and have been reviewing research skills with Ms. van Engelen, our new teacher-librarian, and are getting to grips with the CAS program which is led by Ms. Titus. Grade 12 students are in the closing stages of their Extended Essays which we are sure they are very relieved about! It has been lovely to see our Grade 6 students and new students settling in over the past three weeks and making new friends. As always, our students and teachers have welcomed them with open arms.

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