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Notes from the Teranga Center: Mock Exams Begin Soon

It’s good to see that all of our cohorts are now back from quarantine and that those who have been ill are on the road to recovery. We encourage students to attend school in person as we know that learning in this way is more meaningful than on Zoom! It continues to be a busy time in Secondary School.

The Grade 10 students will have the opportunity to review their DP choices after a lunchtime forum on February 9th where they will be able to ask questions of DP teachers and view resources. Pizza will be provided. Final choices will be made in early March.

The Grade 11 students continue to work on their Extended Essays and the Grade 12 students are preparing for their mock exams which begin on February 21st. On Tuesday, February 1st at the Parent Coffee morning, Ms. Titus, Mme Cisse, and Mr. Carayol will be presenting on the CAS and Service Learning programs. We hope you can join them.

Teachers are now preparing Semester 1 report cards which will be sent home on Friday, February 11th. Please keep an eye out for these. Have a great week!

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