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Notes from the Teranga Center: Looking Forward to Graduation

It is incredible that as we write, another 2 weeks have passed and we are now into the month of May. Life continues to move apace and it has been wonderful to see more activity happening on campus, from the sports fields to the art exhibits. Since we have received the official IBO accreditation of our Middle Years Program (MYP) the school somehow feels even more connected from K-12. We are truly beginning to encapsulate all that an International School is and should be, both with curricular work and co-curricular opportunities. Of course, there is still much to do and many initiatives to develop as well as refine.

It has also been exciting to begin to share information with students and parents about the exciting development of being able to offer a third pathway to graduation which has been confirmed and accepted by the ISD Board. This means that students, for whom a more vocational, creative, artistic, or sporting pathway may provide a more suitable route into higher education as well as employment later, can make different academic choices in order to find the best fit. Additionally, this work also provides the foundations required for future exploration into ISD seeking to become accredited as an IB Career Program School, the fourth IB program. We have an exciting future in store.

Since the last time we wrote, the Class of 2021 have finished their last day of school and are currently in the midst of completing their final IB Diploma exams. The focus, perseverance, resilience, commitment, and engagement our senior class has displayed throughout the years means they are in an excellent place to be able to show their knowledge and understanding to the best of their ability. We are proud of all they have achieved and look forward to the completion of the papers on May the 20th. We are ready to celebrate for and with them throughout Senior week, including the graduation ceremony on May 28th in our wonderful new Performing Arts Center. It seems somehow appropriate that they will collect their diplomas on the same stage in the same venue where they are currently writing the final papers.

We would also like to formally thank all of the ISD faculty members past and present who have played important roles in the education of these young people, it has truly been a team effort. Thank you, “On est Ensemble.”

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