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Notes from the Teranga Center: Looking Ahead

Congratulations to the graduates!

In another world and another time, IB Diploma students around the world would have finished all of their exams and be moving into the week of celebration culminating in Graduation and the Graduation banquet. Last Friday the ISD Class of 2020 celebrated with an exciting and unique virtual ceremony. This week our middle school students will celebrate with the wonderful tradition of the Grade 8 ‘Moving Up’ ceremony. The symbolic step from middle school to high school is a moment to contemplate and celebrate a significant time in any students’ school career. Both of these events will include some recorded speeches and performances which will be linked on the ISD website.

As we continue to experience change and movement through our collective experience with Covid-19, it is with interest that we share some thoughts from Eckhart Tolle. Two of his thought-provoking quotes are shared below.

We are probably all at a stage in our ISD experience where we yearn for a return to campus, to work, play, and experience school life together. The day is getting closer and yet still not quite within grasp. The challenges of acceptance, tolerance, and being kind to ourselves are in themselves acts of courage, principle, and care - three of the attributes of the IB learner profile. At times we see these words posted on our walls and the action required sometimes sits quietly in the background. As Tolle reminds us there is a requirement for willingness and intention to carry through these acts of quiet courage, particularly in unusual times. Collectively and individually we can challenge and create in order to become better versions of ourselves as and when we eventually return to campus life.

Faculty socially distancing at Chez Fatou last weekend.
Faculty socially distancing at Chez Fatou last weekend.

With that said, as ever, change is beginning to unfold before our eyes. Last weekend as large parts of our community enjoyed Korite and Eid was celebrated around the world, some of our faculty met at Chez Fatou to share juices, tea, coffee, conversation, or for some, a beer. The diversity of discussion, shared experiences, and different choices of beverage spoke wonderfully to the internationally tolerant, accepting community which we are all proud to be a part of. It brings a sense of excitement for the coming months, as we slowly bring ISD back together and continue to grow our learning community. Always with the aims of creating, challenging, and changing.

Faculty physical distancing at Chez Fatou last weekend. 

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