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Notes from the Teranga Center: Gratitude and Reflection

Learning continues with creativity and challenge in this time of change.

First of all this week, please enjoy this thoughtful video clip titled “The Great Pause”. To be able to experience gratitude and reflection at this difficult time is both a challenge and a blessing.

This week, our Teranga Center team has spent some time themselves reflecting and we encourage families to do something similar, perhaps around the dinner table. We also encourage you to email us your thoughts so we can share them here in the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy reading our recent experiences and reflections below.

Mr. Lennon reflects: ‘From a personal perspective spending spring in the UK for the first time in nearly 25 years is a wonderful experience and one somehow heightened in the current climate of uncertainty. Planting in our three-generation old, family garden is the most gratifying kind of work and to see our two boys beginning to realize that food will be produced provides delightful family moments. They are now intrinsically motivated to water the vegetable patch! Our incredible ISD community continues to change and create with new initiatives in learning happening every day. The COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly bring us even closer together despite the current distance and lack of face to face social togetherness. Our upcoming graduation and end of year celebration events will be a testament to the strength, connectivity, imagination, and creativity in our midst.’

Ms. Jen reflects: ‘I always knew I got into education because of the students, but this pandemic has made that even more abundantly clear. I miss the kids. I miss hearing them outside the window of the Teranga Center and I miss seeing them with their friends at lunch. I miss walking by classrooms and hearing kids in heated debates with the other students and their teachers with learning oozing out of the classrooms. I am thankful for technology and still being able to connect with the kids. I am thankful for the time with my daughters as we get to “go to school” together each day. I am thankful that my girls are learning new things in new ways in spite of (or because of) a global pandemic. Mostly I am thankful that I am part of the ISD family.’

As we move into week 6 of online learning it is amazing to think that we only have 5 weeks to go until our summer vacation begins. Many of us have no idea how that vacation will look and also what will come next after the holiday. At the same time, we are able to focus on what we do know.

Online learning ISD style is becoming more refined and clear for students as we become conversant with what learning strategies are successful, understanding that the human connections are what we miss most and therefore strive to maintain in the online environment.

Our amazing faculty are working to bring so many positive educational opportunities to the screens of our students and we are now seeing synchronous as well as asynchronous classes. There are also fitness challenges, Kahoot quizzes, cooking experiments, live music, and poetry readings. As everybody comes to terms with a different paradigm, our community remains focused on providing learning experiences with value, connection, and enjoyment. Plans are well underway to bring to life our annual Grade 8 ‘Moving Up’ ceremony and of course our Graduation for the Class of 2020. Additionally, we continue to update our practices on google classroom so that students and parents can clearly understand where to find the learning tasks for each different subject. We look forward to continuing the work and also the excitement of ending the year in true celebratory style.

As ever please continue to contact with questions, ideas, and concerns. More from the Teranga Centre next week.

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