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Notes from the Teranga Center: Full Steam Ahead

It is hard to believe that a few weeks have passed since our last edition of notes from the Teranga Centre. A lot continues to happen at ISD and our community deserves to be celebrated in a host of ways as we continue to move through these strange and uncertain times.

Our virtual MYP accreditation visit is almost upon us and we look forward to hearing from the IBO about what we are doing well, areas of growth, and goals for the ISD MYP program in the future. To become a three program school in such short order is a testament to the commitment and collaboration from our whole community over the last few years.

We have lots to celebrate, our Grade 12 senior class completed their mock examinations and deserve to be congratulated on the level of focus and seriousness in which they approached these important papers in preparation for the final IB DP exams in May.

Grade 11 students are well underway with work in Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS experiences. These CORE elements of the IB Diploma are key pieces in the learning for a DP student and provide connections to all of the other work they are doing in different subject areas.

Grade 10 have selected their option choices for next year as they look towards the final two years at ISD. In the meantime, they are working well on the MYP personal project which is the culminating experience of the MYP years and provides them an opportunity to do an extensive investigation into an area of interest or passion.

Moving down through Secondary School we are also able to celebrate the completion of the International School Assessment (ISA) for Grades 6 through Grade 9. As previously mentioned these are recognized as excellent external assessments of how our students are doing in Math, Science, and English. We look forward to receiving the detailed results towards the end of April.

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