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Notes from the Teranga Center: Flexibility

Flexibility. As we progress into Phase 3 and have all students on campus, it is a great move forward towards a new normal. However, it is a shift, a change for students. Any shift takes flexibility, and our students have that in spades.

Last week at the Community Meetings with Middle and High School students, we explained the shifts that would take place. These included a change in lunchtimes, classes in a slightly different order on Thursday and Fridays, and a change in advisory times during the week. As we explained the changes, our students did just what we would expect them to do; they asked thoughtful questions, processed the information, asked more questions, and then rose to the challenges put before them.

As the IB Programme Coordinators in the Secondary School, this did not surprise us. Our students embraced the IB Learner Profile attribute of being open-minded and approached this situation with the affective and reflective self-management skills that are being explicitly taught to our students through the IB Approaches to Learning. Our students rise to the challenges put before them.

We understand the evolving situation continues to challenge all members of our community and as ever collectively, with students leading the way, we are meeting the challenges together.

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