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Notes from the Teranga Center: Finding the Best Fit

Welcome back to school and to the new year! As students set their goals for the new year, one thing for us to always remember is that every child is unique and it is our job to get them as far as they can go in their passions. One way we do this in the MYP is to make sure that we do not have a “one style fits all” approach. When I was growing up, we sat in rows according to our last names. It left much to be desired in terms of meeting individual needs in my learning. In one of our MS Math classrooms, we have these new desks which change their use based on the inquiry going on and the individual needs of the students. As they look like a puzzle, they fit together in different ways. This is the same way we achieve the best fit for each of our students in their learning. Each student is unique and we get to play with the puzzle pieces in their learning to help them reach all their goals for the new year.

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