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Notes from the Teranga Center: Engagement & Enjoyment

As we reach the end of Semester 1 it is exciting to know that all sorts of positive initiatives are planned to continue and develop in the ISD Secondary School. Although we know the ‘new’ normal we are each living through is different and replete with different challenges in comparison to what we have known before, there is also a lot to look forward to as well as be hopeful about.

To that end, the ISD faculty are beginning to think about providing opportunities outside of the classroom for connections, relationship building in the context of enjoyment, and socializing as valuable learning environments. All grade levels will engage in a day or two of planned activities in the spring. More information to follow.

We know that all of us learn well when intrinsically motivated and there is a constant balance in the management of academic rigor and challenge with engaging, enjoyable activities.

We have shared a more detailed article for you to read and share thoughts at home with your children around the idea of engaging well with activity, in all areas of school life. We have shared the writings of Nicolas Alchin before and his words this week articulate the importance of balance, challenge, engagement, and fun in all areas of school life, especially this year.

Secondary Coffee & Learning

We would also like to alert you all to the forthcoming Coffee & Learning Session, scheduled for 8:30 am on Tuesday, February 2nd (via Zoom). We will lead you through a workshop session around our Positive Behavioral Support and Disciplinary Guidelines. These guidelines set out the expectations for who we want our students to be and how we expect all members of our community to interact with each other, as well as resolve issues.

Our meeting will focus on restorative practices and how they shape our daily interactions with students at ISD and how we move forward in helping students make better decisions.

Time for Reflection

We have also included a wonderful clip here from US Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gordon, for your enjoyment and reflection. It speaks to the requirement for us to collectively move through these challenging times, empathizing with the emotional journey of others, knowing each of us is experiencing unique and valid experiences throughout a challenging year. Our collective support network and continuing focus on connected relationships provide the foundations for our community to remain empathetic, caring, united, and strong, moving forwards.

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