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Notes from the Teranga Center: DP Mock Exams Are Coming Up

Don't forget that Mock Exams for our Year 2 DP students will take place from February 21st - 25th and the Grade 10 students will have a chance to talk to teachers about their DP course choices on Wednesday the 9th of February.

We also welcomed an almost full house of 25 parents in the Innovation Center on Tuesday last week to talk about Service in the IB Programs and at ISD. The presentations were led by our coordinators Marame Cisse and Emily Titus and we had a very engaging session. Parents were introduced to and walked through one of the core elements of the IB Program which is Service as Action in the MYP and CAS in the Diploma Programme (DP).

We also discussed how service is currently run at ISD and how it will be implemented using a new SDG framework next year. We thank the parents for attending the session and look forward to welcoming them again next month when other core elements of the Diploma Programme will be discussed.

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