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Notes from the Teranga Center: DP Course Selection

This is always a busy time of year in the DP. The Grade 12 students have received their Predicted Grades which will be used for their university/college applications and parents were able to discuss these with teachers in last week's conferences. Thanks to all the parents who joined on these days. The Grade 11 students are embarking on their Extended Essay journey. Over the course of the last two weeks, subject teachers have been spending time in class explaining to students the requirements of the EE in their subjects. Students will make their initial proposals this week.

And finally, the Grade 10 students will be embarking on the course selection process for the DP. Please remember that on Thursday, November 18th there will be a presentation in the PAC for Grade 10 students and parents. The DP Coordinator and Heads of Departments will outline the different courses available ahead of more detailed explanations in classes and initial student choices in early December. Grade 10 students continue to make excellent progress on their Personal Projects.

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