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Notes from the Teranga Center: Class of 2019 DP Success

We are delighted to formally announce the fantastic results achieved by the Class of 2019. The celebrations of graduation and results day seem a long time past and yet it is important for the community to be aware that for the fourth year running our results are comfortably above the world average and have increased to a superb 33. This is a testament to the incredible work of our secondary faculty which collectively encouraged and supported our graduates to help them produce their best work and culminating in the final two years of the IB Diploma and associated classes.

We have talked recently about the importance of narratives and relationships built on trust. Again, a significant majority of our students were encouraged to attempt the full IB Diploma and for some to simply make it through the two years achieving a number of certificates represents true personal excellence. At the other end of the scale, we had a number of students achieving truly world-class results and outperforming our expectations. We are proud of all the graduates and wish them well as they move on to pastures new.

Furthermore, we are also delighted to confirm that each of our graduating class has been successful in achieving their goals for what comes next. Whether it be gap year experiences, or university and college, each of them is embarking on pathways which will bring them success and further opportunities. We look forward to following their journeys over the next few years. As we often say, ‘Once a Jaguar, always a Jaguar’.

On another note, we have been working hard as a faculty to develop a definitive calendar of due dates for our IB Diploma Year 1 and Year 2 classes.

Find those documents here:

IB Year 1 DP Grade 11 Due Dates (2019-20)

IB Year 2 DP Grade 12 Due Dates (2019-20)

Parents of Diploma students are encouraged to print these off as a reference point. Students are well aware of the dates which are also published in Managebac. It is important that you are also aware at home to facilitate the management of their time which is a key skill to be developed throughout school life. We continue to encourage balance and wellness so it is important that our young people continue to be guided and supported through the various key dates and assessment periods of their final two years at ISD.

The IB Learner Profile values all of us being caring and reflective learners. This week in our Middle School Advisory Program we kicked off the year with the theme of “telling our stories”. For our first community time, we got to know some of our new and returning faculty by listening to their stories. Four faculty members shared a part of their “stories” that helped shape them as adults. These stories came from their days in Secondary School. It struck me as I watched the Middle Schools students listen that they were absorbing what these faculty members were sharing because the storytellers were being vulnerable and reflective - tying their life experiences to what our students might be going through right now.

One student came up to me after community time and said that she had not thought about teachers having a Middle School experience with the ups and downs. She experienced empathy for adults and also connected with them in a different way than she had previously.

We are fortunate here at ISD to have a faculty who not only teach using the IB Learner Profile but who also live as people who are helping to create a better world by exemplifying the 10 attributes that make up the IB Learner Profile.

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