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Notes from the Teranga Center: Celebrations & Looking Forward to Summer

Celebrations, congratulations, and looking forward to vacation!

Graduation 2020 has come and gone for our senior students and what a wonderful evening of celebration it was. The many messages of thanks received throughout the community since Friday have spoken to a genuine team effort that allowed for virtual graduation to feel almost as connected and intimate as it might have been, had we been housed in the new PAC as originally planned. It came as no surprise that some of the graduates were a little reticent to enter into the full spirit of online graduation and planned into the event more as a way of thanking parents and teachers. However, as the event rolled closer, finally taking place at 7:30pm on Friday evening Dakar time, the feeling of true connectedness, community celebration, for them, was tangible.

There were many highlights, and for those of you who didn’t manage to catch the ceremony, please follow the link below to our YouTube channel and enjoy the whole event. From our Director’s introduction and welcome, our Board Chair sharing her thoughts, through to student speakers, the words and sentiments shared point to a community striving to do its absolute best whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

If you are not able to find the time to watch through the complete ceremony, a gentle suggestion is to start at minute 38. Mr. Carayol was chosen by the graduating students to give a formal address. It was perhaps one of the most inspiring graduation addresses any of us are ever likely to hear. He spoke of lessons learned from students rather than those taught by him. He spoke of cultural competence, tolerance, acceptance, and of love for learning. He spoke to a narrative of effecting change even in difficult circumstances and he spoke of football, dance, history, culture, friends, and celebration. We are lucky to have so many teachers of his caliber as part of the ISD community. Thank you Mr. Carayol.

ISD Graduation Ceremony 2020

The week of June 10th will be the last of our 2019-20 academic year. A well-deserved vacation beckons to one and all, stay safe, and see you soon.

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