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Notes from the Teranga Center: Busy Season for Our Students

This week students enjoyed their first long weekend which was a welcome break from the hard work that they have put in over the past four weeks. In the DP, the Grade 12 students are receiving feedback on the final draft of their Extended Essays and will be submitting the final product in early October. Grade 11 students are now all settled into their courses and in many cases are preparing for their first summative assessments. We wish them all the best with this.

The Grade 10 students have submitted their Personal Project goals and will soon have a supervisor allocated to them and in the Middle School, Ms. JulieAnne created a fun yet educational Kahoot quiz for the Community Meeting focusing on the IB Learner Profile. The extracurricular program is now up and running and so our students are able to interact with one another outside of the classroom more often which we know will have a positive effect on their learning.

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