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Notes from the Teranga Center: Big News!

Today is a landmark day in the world of the DP and the MYP at ISD.

Final Day of Classes for DP2 Students

Friday, April 23rd was the final day of regular classes for our Seniors. In a little over one month, the Class of 2021 will graduate from ISD. However, in the next 4 weeks, they will have the opportunity to share with the IBO what they have learned over the last two years. The Seniors will sit for their DP exams over the month of May.

Having their last day of classes is not to say that the work is over. This is the final push. We will miss seeing them on campus everyday, and are excited to see them back for their exams. Teachers are still available for the purposes of revision, help and support. Students are encouraged to come in during their regular class times throughout the exam period as teachers are here to help.

ISD Authorized as an MYP School

Today is also the day that we are celebrating another milestone at ISD as we have officially become a three program school by the IB. The IBO has authorized the International School of Dakar as an MYP school. While this is a huge accomplishment for our faculty, much like our Senior Class, our work is far from over. We now embark as a school to deepen our practices as a fully authorized PYP, MYP, and DP school.

It is a testament to ongoing work over the last few years that despite the effects of COVID-19 over the last 15 months, we have managed to work with our seniors face to face for the duration of their final year. At the same time through huge collaborative work we have also been authorized as a fully accredited MYP school which even in normal times is no small feat. Congratulations to all of us and thank you to the continuing support provided by and with all of our parents across the school.

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