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Notes from the Teranga Center: Application for Authorization to Become an MYP School

For the past two years, ISD has been on a wonderful journey to become an authorized MYP school. We began this journey by appointing an MYP Coordinator who would oversee the program and with professional development for our Secondary teachers. Pieces of the MYP puzzle became more than just words, and we learned how all the parts would make a meaningful whole to our students. Statements of inquiry, global contexts, key concepts, related concepts, formative and summative assessments, task-specific rubrics, approaches to learning, approaches to teaching, and much more began to be internalized by the faculty to enable more concept-driven inquiry-based teaching and learning.

We began our focus on assessment. Where did we want our students to end up? What did we want our students to be able to know and do? What is the most meaningful way to frame the learning conceptually for our students? We created units beginning at the end, a type of backward design, asking ourselves which summative assessments would be a meaningful and accurate measure to date of what our students know in the different subject groups?

Heads of departments and grade level team leads were appointed to help lead subject groups with the curriculum development and grade levels with the social and emotional well-being of our students. Units were created in collaboration across subject groups and grade levels to cover the content through concepts that have a vertical articulation that lead students from the Primary Years Program in elementary school to the Diploma Program in 11th and 12th grade.

Last Friday, we submitted our application for authorization to the IB Organization. The next steps are feedback from the IBO followed by a verification visit (this may be a virtual visit) from a visiting team who will give us more valuable feedback. This will result in becoming an authorized MYP school and an official 3 program IB school.

ISD is fortunate to have supportive leadership and a supportive Board that supports the pursuit of excellence in education. The MYP will continue to make ISD an outstanding international school.

Here is an overview that can be found on our website that outlines the broad strokes that were taken on our road to authorization. If you have any questions, please contact the MYP Coordinator, Jen Loría at

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