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Notes from the Teranga Center: Activities Abound in Secondary

Every student in the MYP and DP begins each day with a Jag Connect. This is a time for students to connect with each other and their advisors as they begin their day. Teachers check in with students to see how they are doing, and they might do some mindfulness, play a game, or talk. The pictures show some students writing and drawing inspiring messages of hope or happiness for the entire ISD community. Also, a middle school class in 'JAG connect' proudly showing off their various colorful masks. The connections we make each day are perhaps the most important part of our learning in these strange times.

While we have involved students with JAG Connect since the beginning of the last school year, last week we started a new way to connect and have fun in Secondary School. Each Wednesday during the last block of the day, our MYP students are rotating through activities. These range from Wolof lessons, to African Dance, to Step, basketball, volleyball, football, and many more. We are working hard to find safe and distanced activities for the students to take part in that will enhance their learning. Every activity ties to one of the subject groups from the IB Programmes and enriches our students’ educational experiences.

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