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Notes from the Teranga Center

Greetings from the Teranga Centre!

While we might be separated by miles, we are not separated in our commitments to connections and learning. The Secondary School is hard at work to continue our work throughout the year and up until June 10th.  

In the 3 weeks of online learning so far, there have been some huge accomplishments.  As a Secondary School our first order of business was to undertake the extraordinary task of submitting all of the coursework requested by the IBO in order to finalize decisions regarding the award of IB Diplomas across the world, without the annual end of course exams. For the first time in history this has been the case for around 200000 students across the globe. It is a testament to our wonderful ISD teachers that at the time of writing all of the extra work, in the service of our Class of 2020 has been completed in record time, with an efficiency and quality second to none. 

Teaching and learning has of course been continuing with online education for all of our secondary students from Grades 6 through 11. The innovation, creativity, flexibility, openness and collaboration displayed by all sections of our community, in particular our students has been truly amazing.

Our faculty of course misses the daily contact with students, and we get to interact with them through Zoom where they engage in learning as well as making us smile. The faculty also meets with each other in weekly faculty meetings (among other meetings) where we plan for our students, celebrate our students, and celebrate each other.  The pictures below show this weeks’ meeting where we were celebrating Hazel Ward who will begin her maternity leave as she prepares for a special “student” of her own. We wish Hazel and her husband Arthur all the best.

As ever we are here in the service of your children and you all. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. Watch this space for some exciting online interactions for parents.

We look forward to seeing the great things that come out of an extraordinary global event.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay in touch.

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