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Notes from the Teranga Center

Happy New Year from the Teranga Centre for 2019!

The Teranga centre would like to formally welcome back all members of the ISD community for 2019, we hope you had a wonderful break. As we move back into the speed and intensity we all experience here at ISD it continues to be of huge importance that we all seek to maintain a healthy work/school/life balance.

Grade 12: TOK essays and Extended essays are nearing completion and ready to send to the IBO. January 15th is the date the IBO portal for electronic coursework opens. Your children will then be involved in uploading and verifying a number of pieces of work between now and April, dependent upon the subjects they are studying. The first of these assignments to be electronically sent to the IBO are the extended essay and theory of knowledge essay. At the time of writing all of our Graduating class have completed the work on the extended essay and finalising the work on the TOK papers. They have been issued with secure login details in order to access the site.

It is also important for you to know that the login details are the ones which students will use on July 6th to access their final IB Diploma results. Please encourage them to keep the details safe and also make an electronic copy.

As you may already know the Mock exams are fast approaching. We will carry these out in the Admin conference room during the the week of 25th February-1st March. The schedule is attached and represents an excellent opportunity for students to complete high stakes assessment and receive feedback in good time for the final revision period before the official IBO examinations in May.

Additionally, prior to the mock exams and during week without walls for the other Secondary School grades levels, Oxford Study Courses will be here to work with our Grade 12 students during the week of February 11th to the 15th. Based on feedback from students, teachers and OSC themselves, we are running this important revision week earlier this year in order to support the ongoing IB Diploma work. As previously mentioned this is a compulsory week for our full IB Diploma students and students doing IB Courses. Each of the students will be issued with a personalised timetable from OSC by the end of the week (January 18th). The revision courses will be in Maths, English, Biology and Economics based on student choices.

Grade 11: Grade 11 are now fully engaged in the IB Diploma program and are in the midst of being formally introduced to the Extended Essay work. Sessions were organised by Mrs. Leinbach to help students begin to formalise the subject area, topic and research question. In addition, all Grade 11 students have completed their first formal CAS interview. Three of these interviews will take place during the course of the IB Diploma course and the first one allowed students to reflect on what they have already learned from CAS as well as to plan what comes next. We have insisted that all students should have at least 25 reflections completed across up to 8 different experiences by spring break. Students who have not managed to plan their time will be the first to be given guidance and support through the advisory processes.

Grade 10: Students ended the month of December by completing their option choices for IB Diploma courses for next academic year. The intention is for us to construct the schedule as soon as possible so that all Grade 10 students leave in June with their Grade 11 schedule to hand. If you already know that your family will not be in Dakar next year, please communicate this information to us as soon as you know to facilitate our communication with other Schools as required.  As always we encourage you to call in to School at any time with questions and or concerns related to the IB Diploma program and all things academic here at ISD.

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