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Notes from the IB office: The Final lap for Grade 12!

It is hard to believe that a month has passed since the last dispatch from the IB Office and how much has taken place in that time.

Grade 12 students continue to work hard on the final completion of Internal Assessment work ready to fully embark on a few weeks of revision as we lead into the final examinations in May.

We have attached the ISD IB Diploma examination timetable to compliment the official one we sent to you a few months ago. Examinations will take place in the Administration conference room in the same way as we facilitated the mock exams. Morning exams will begin at 8.30 am and afternoon exams will begin at either 12.30pm or 1.00pm. Students are expected to be outside 30 minutes before the exam is due to begin.

As was publicized, the upcoming revision period was given a formal push by the visiting team of 5 experienced IB Diploma experts delivering our first Oxford Study Course revision week in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and History. Students also had the opportunity to finalize revision plans and brush up on study skills in the coached revision sessions which were also on offer.

Our performing arts department recently put on a wonderful evening of events which, hosted at the Renaissance monument on the hill. The event showcased our School Band as they officially opened the IB Diploma Visual Arts Exhibition and the IB Diploma Theatre Arts Solo project performances. The week before our Diploma Film students hosted the annual “ISD Oscars’ our fantastic film festival  Huge thanks to all of the students as well as Mr. Tan, Ms Loria, Ms Fogeron and Mr Jamgochian for their inspirational leadership and ongoing support of the Arts.

Please be informed that we can confirm your study leave for the final examinations will begin at the end of school on Tuesday April 24th. Your teachers will be available for you to meet with should you feel it necessary on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of that week.

You can find the final examination timetable here. Please remember to be outside the examination conference room 30 minutes before the examination is scheduled to begin.

Grade 11 students are now fully involved in TOK classes as well as ongoing research for the writing of their Extended Essays, thanks to Mrs. Leinbach as well of all of the extended essay supervisors for the hours of work above and beyond their normal remits. Additionally, they have all completed their first of three formal CAS interviews and will engage in a group activity before the end of the academic year which will provide stimulus and evidence for the second formal interview as a requirement of the Diploma program.

Grade 10 students have made their final option choices and the timetable/schedule in currently under construction. We look forward to being able to share these will all of Grade 10 before the summer vacation.

Finally, we thought it would be interesting to share a short video presentation with all members of our community and to make this an ongoing feature in news from the IB Diploma office. This week we have attached the 11 minute animation of one of the most watched TED talks ever. Sir Ken Robinson raises some interesting and controversial questions about traditional educational systems and, without overtly providing tangible solutions, suggests a number of pathways which may allude to the aspirations embedded in the ISD mission statement as well as the IBO learner profile. We hope it provides some inspiration for educational discussion at home as well as at School.

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