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Notes from the IB office: Focus on Grade 12 and the weeks ahead.

As the students from Grades 9, 10 and 11 have been enjoying the wonderful experiences on offer through “Week Without Walls’ Grade 12 students have been busy with the important business of mock exams. We have impressed upon students the two most important learnings to take from the week;

1. The detailed feedback that students will receive from their teachers in time for the spring break provides essential information about their learning across all subjects at this current time;

  • Where they are doing well, and how to improve further.

  • What gaps there might be in understanding of content and concepts.

  • What strategies they can employ, with faculty support, to work on the areas of growth in order to be as prepared as possible come the final exams

2. The exams are delivered using the official IBO protocols and therefore provide an authentic rehearsal for the final Diploma exams which begin on April 30th.

At the time of writing our Class of 2018 has taken a focused and professional approach to the work and will be able to use next week as a springboard for the work in the coming weeks between now and the end of April.

It is hard to believe that after the spring break students will have a normal week of School followed by the Oxford Study Course revision week. After that they will have five full weeks of School before the final Diploma examinations.

It is important that we all provide support and encouragement for a sustained period of academic focus during this time to help our students, your children, achieve their best as they prepare to move on from ISD to pastures new.

As ever should you have questions or concerns please contact us. More from the IB Diploma office in the coming weeks.

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