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Notes from the IB Office

December 4, 2017

Grade 10 Diploma Introduction, Diploma week and Diploma option choices. The IB Diploma is already here for the graduating class of 2020! It is incredible that time has passed so quickly since the last notes from the Diploma office. As ever, all sorts of exciting things are happening in ISD and the world of IB Diploma.

Grade 12 Hands in Extended-Essays & University Applications

Grade 12 students have reached another important milestone on the way to graduation. The final hand in date for their 4000-word independently researched Extended Essay was set for November 27th and we are delighted to announce that all the students have successfully completed the work on time. Thank you to all Grade 12 students for their efforts, as well as to all essay supervisors and Mrs Leinbach for her Extended Essay coordination. We will be uploading these papers, as well a many other pieces of coursework to the IB e-coursework system as soon as it is open for the May 2018 cohort.

University applications continue apace and we are also happy to say that students applying to the UK through the centralized UCAS system have all met the required dates and expectations. Thanks to Mrs. Bishop for her extensive work in the counseling office!

Grade 11 Begins the Extended Essay Process

Students in Grade 11 are working well on the various areas of the first semester of their IB Diploma and are now in the midst of introductory sessions to the start of the process for Extended essay. The work will formally begin after the December vacation and at the moment we are asking students to begin thinking about their passions and how those deep interests may translate into a subject area and topic of study for the essay.

Grade 10: Option Forms and IB Prep

The world of IB Diploma comes excitingly closer for students and families in Grade 10. Over the last few weeks we have introduced the program with full information assemblies, parent and student evening meetings with question and answer sessions as well as six presentations for all of the different subject group areas. Students receive their option forms today, Monday, December 4th, and have a week to complete them with the approval of subject teachers and parents. They should be returned to the IB Diploma office on December 11th at the latest. It is an exciting time for a group of 55 young people who will be the largest IB Diploma cohort for ISD.

We are looking forward to lots more in the coming weeks and ask parents to keep their eyes out for fantastic artwork from Diploma students, an ever increasing number of Creative, Active and Service learning initiatives, within our ISD community and further afield around Dakar and Senegal.

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