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Notes from the IB Office

November 3, 2017--It is amazing to think we are already into November. Having recently arrived in Dakar after six years in Moscow it seems strange and wonderful to be enjoying sunny days and blue skies. As ever, just like weather, all things IB Diploma related move along, develop and change as the year progresses.

We are currently in the midst of introducing the IB Diploma and subject options to the Grade 10 students. It has been a great experience to present to them in two different community meetings and hear their questions as well as enthusiasm for the coming choices they will make, which will shape the next two years of High School work for them. It has also been wonderful to enlist the expert help of current ISD Diploma students from Grade 11 and Grade 12 to share their experiences with Grade 10 during these introductory sessions.

Grade 10: IB Diploma Information Session

Parents of Grade 10, please be reminded that we will also be giving a detailed information session on the IB Diploma and how it looks at ISD, in the Administration conference room on Thursday 16th November at 6pm. We will be sending out e-invites for this mandatory session and expect your children to attend with you on the evening.

Grade 11: Update

Grade 11 are to be congratulated on their work ethic, focus and application at this point in the year. As we move towards the December vacation they will be soon receiving information sessions about the Extended Essay as well as Theory of Knowledge which will be beginning as a formal class at the beginning of semester two. The two components of the CORE of the Diploma stand alongside CAS as a focus for the philosophy and approaches to teaching and learning epitomized by the IBO mission statement and indeed ISD’s mission and core values.

Grade 12: College Applications and Extended Essays

Grade 12 are in the midst of college applications and completion of the final copy of their extended essay which will be completed and handed in on November 27th. In addition, they are embarking on the TOK essay which is an important paper, externally assessed by IBO examiners around the world. The wonderful work they recently completed in their TOK presentations has provided excellent foundation for the work to come and has been showcased to the ISD community during recent community meeting and to the School Board. Thank you to all of the students involved in this wonderful work as well as to Mrs. Torie Leinbach for her instrumental leadership with the work.

Take-Aways from the IBO

Conference in the Hague

Finally, it was a privilege and a pleasure to attend the recent annual IBO Global conference in the Hague. Of all the professional learning taking place at such conferences we continue to be reminded of the importance of balance for ourselves and our children. Sleep, nutrition and exercise continue to have central focus in educational research and we must try to ensure that our students are provided with guidance, focus and support in these areas. As a rule of thumb teenagers require between 8-10 hours of sleep in any given 24 hour period. Brain development and healthy growth are directly affected positively by sufficient amounts of sleep.

The old adage of “early to bed early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise” appears to be supported by rigorous, valid 21st century educational research.

We need to actively encourage our children, and ourselves, to follow the recommendations.

More from the IB DP office before the end of November. As ever, with all things IB Diploma related, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments and concerns.

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