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Notes from the IB Office

Another busy few weeks at ISD have passed very quickly. Grade 12 has continued to work towards the dates for various internal deadlines, particularly the TOK presentations which are being performed this week. In addition, students are receiving final feedback from their supervisors in preparation for the upcoming November 27th date date for the Extended Essay hand in. They also completed a very successful Group 4 collaboration and presentation for Science last Saturday which was the culmination of 4 weeks of work across the different subject areas in science. Thank you to Mr Hurst and the science department for their leadership with this venture. We are delighted to note that the all Grade 12 students will have finished by this date and be ready to move on with other IBDP work. It has been made very clear to students that they need to continue to initiate meetings with supervisors in order to benefit from maximum support in good time.

University applications are also well under way for Grade 12 students and we encourage all of them to use the coming weeks to really work on finalizing the process, especially for UK and US early applications. As we have emphasized to the students, ambition combined with realism alongside detailed research is the best way to achieve placement at first or second choice universities.

We believe our ongoing work with due dates for our graduating class will help their overall planning in this very busy final year, to pay dividends later. As a faculty we strongly advocate for the importance of all internal deadlines. They have been constructed with attention to student needs and in order to help students maximize their time. Please support us by sending the same message to students at home. We really value and appreciate your support on this matter.

Parents have been busy too. We had the Grade 12 Parents evening where information highlighted a message of academic rigor as well as the importance of a balanced healthy lifestyle: sleep is key! Using technology appropriately in school is an area we are continually mindful of. Furthermore, the process of University application procedures was outlined in detail as was the International Baccalaureate scoring system and IBO assessment procedures. Parents responded with thoughtful and interested questions.

We also had our annual Grade 11 parent evening. This was a detailed introduction into all things IB and the reasons ISD believe the IB diploma and courses are the best match for ISD students as they progress towards college and university. We will deliver a similarly themed presentation in November (date to be confirmed) for parents in Grades 9 and 10. The same information will be presented in detail to Grade 10 students during a community assembly on October 20.

Finally, we are delighted at how much success the graduation class of 2017 achieved and continue to work to help all of our young people challenge, create and change. To that end we want to make sure all students in Grade 11 and 12 are proposing, planning, acting, and reflecting on varied experiences as part of CAS. The ongoing expectation is that they record the work on a regular basis in Managebac. Our rule of thumb is to expect to see one reflection for every 3-5 hours of CAS experience. Please refer to our newly updated CAS website for further information;

As a School, we place clear lines of communication with parents and students as a high priority in helping all of our students aim for the best possible academic and holistic success. Please do not hesitate to contact us as you have questions and/or concerns.

Paul Lennon, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator,

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